Lois Child is a photography and travel addict. Luckily she is now retired from a working life in health care and able to indulge both her passions. 

A recent interest in other art forms such as acrylic pour painting and creation of abstract altered pages has resulted in the addition of another gallery called Art- Other where some that work is displayed and is available for sale by contacting her through email.

Lois is a Canadian living in Whitby Ontario with her husband Richard. Fortunately Richard is also a photography buff and will travel anywhere Lois sets her sights on visiting. As well, he acts as a long suffering general porter for all her extra equipment and clothing as after many decades of travel she has still not learned to pack "light".

Lois has travelled to many countries through the years as an independent and often solo traveller and enjoyed photographing the sights to share with her family and friends.

Many rolls of film were mailed back to Canada from places like Europe, Nepal, Thailand, Australia and India for developing before the advent of digital cameras made photography a more immediate reward, not to mention less expensive. Several rolls which surely contained the once in a generation perfect shot were lost in the post.

Together Richard and Lois have seen many parts of Canada together and you will find some of their images here taken through the years,  which for them celebrate the beauty and diversity of the country they choose to call home.

Richard grew up in Ireland and he and his parents introduced Lois to the beauty and warmth of the country and its people. Together they explored the country seeing it with the eyes of someone new to its charms. 

Now that all the parents are only fond memories  and we are retired from work,  we are are lucky enough to spend part of each year in Ireland and share that experience with our friends and family that can visit us and through digital updates for those that have not been able to visit in person yet.

Family and friends have purchased some of Lois' images as prints on paper and canvas in the past as well as  pieces sold in a local shop. 

This site is intended to extend the exposure of Lois' images to wider audience to share her love of interesting places and scenes and make them available for purchase if that is desired. 

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